Virtual Reality is No Longer Just For Gaming!

With immersive learning, you can give your employees more meaningful learning experiences by putting them in the middle of the action. Trainees can role-play in a safe environment and get instant feedback from a Powered-AI virtual human. Now you can get immersive, interactive, engaging, cost-effective, and scalable learning experiences to you and your team with best-inclass VR and AI solutions.
VOCACY is the first company in the Middle East to introduce VR immersive learning powered by AI technology for corporate training.


Where Immersive Learning Technology is Preparing the Workforce for the Future of Work.


Feel different Practice essential skills with human powered AI so you can perform in the real world.


Artificial Intelligence Role-playing For Employee And Student Learning. Real-world Skills Without Leaving A Desk! Avatar-based Experiential Learning.

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Address: Al Olaya District, Riyadh, KSA.

Phone: +966 11 463 4518.

Egypt Office:

Address: Bab Sharq District, Ethad El Mostaqbal Towers, Alexandria

Phone: 034286234

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