Vocacy is proud to be an international official partner and provider of Alelo’s AI Simulations.


Real-World Skills Without Leaving a Desk

Imagine your employees and students learning new skills, then applying them in the real world – all from the comfort of their desk. With Alelo’s breakthrough AI technology, it’s not only possible but fast, cost cost-effective, and scalable.

Avatar -Based Experiential Learning

Using cloud cloud-based AI simulations, learners engage in interactive conversations with socially intelligent virtual humans in a realistic setting. They role role-play with avatars as often as they like on a mobile device, desktop, or virtual reality headset. Immediate feedback provides personal instruction on how to improve. When encountering a real real-world situation, learners are confident and adept.

Rapid skilling

Up skill or reskill employee faster attract and retain workers career advancement opportunities Quickly close the skills gap in your organization

Employee training

Provide personalized training at a cost up to 75X less than one-on-one coaching Assess and develop employee soft communication skills more effectively at a fraction of the cost Improve employee relationships with customers,


  • Accelerate student learning and improve engagement
  • Reduce teacher workloads while making their work more rewarding
  • Lower costs for remote and hybrid learning

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