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Vocacy is proud to be an international official partner and provider of Mursion’s Immersive VR/AI Simulations

Vocacy is proud to be an international official partner and provider of Mursion’s Immersive VR/AI Simulations

Why Choose Human-in-the-Loop VR Simulation for Your Corporate Learning?

Why Choose Human-in-the-Loop VR Simulation for Your Corporate Learning?


Experiential Training

Experiential training immerses the learner in a customized virtual environment, harnessing the science of “presence” and “plausibility” for a holistic experience that drives true behavioral change.


Authentic Practice

Tailored experiences are built to reflect relevant, real-world situations in leadership. A human-in-the loop approach brings the practice to life with a proprietary blend of artificial intelligence and live human interaction.


Built for Behavi25oral Change

Facing real-world challenges takes knowing what to do and having the experience gained from realistic practice to actually do it. Mursion unlocks this potential through practice that is not only safe and anonymous but also personalized (responsive to the learner) and variable enough to reflect real-world encounters. This is delivered in a cost-effective way, at scale, elevating the human element.

Sales Training

The success of your sales team is a highly interaction-based process that requires trust, empathy, and the ability to navigate from an authentic core. In an ever- changing landscape, the skills of pitching, negotiating, and driving commitment have never been more necessary for survival.


Traditional, top-down, one-size-fits all leadership is a way of the past. The modern leader is inclusive, assumes risk with judgment, provides certainty in an uncertain world, and inspires motivation with a lived-in, authentic grasp of the landscape and people involved. But how does a leader acquire these skills, especially in a business world that is often uncertain and ambiguous?


A culture of care, by design Company culture, is durable, so changing that culture even slightly takes work. let Mursion share the burden. Learn how our simulation can boost the efficacy of your staff and health equity for your patient.


Education is the loom on which the fabric of society and culture is woven. It demands a commitment to innovate continuously. To push the boundaries upward, to inspire students to reach their highest potential. From mastering instructional moves, to fostering social emotional learning, educators are among the earliest pioneers in the use of virtual reality and simulation training.

Grounded in Research

Mursion is proven to drive behavioral change

Siri, Alexa, Watson and other bots won’t know how to respond to an emotionally charged conversation, but our trained simulation specialists will. Our avatar-based simulations use a blend of live, real-time human conversation with artificial intelligence.

The Winning Formula:
Human + AI = Emotionally
Intelligent Simulations

The Human
(Simulation Specialist)

  • Guarantees a high level of authenticity and natural conversation
  • Speaks in real time. Each simulation is unique to every user
  • Provides thoughtful feedback and reflection
  • Conducts an observational assessment on performance

The Ai

  • Enhances scalability and reduces human cognitive load
  • Seamlessly syncs nonverbal communication and voice morphing
  • Collects sentiment analysis, recordings, and behavioral data
  • Aggregates and anonymizes learner analytics

Why Avatars?

Speaking with an avatar may seem unnerving at first, however, research has shown that learners prefer interacting with avatars over face-to-face and peer-to-peer role play. Mursion is a more effective tool than your traditional, professional role-play method because people are generally more trusting and curious when engaging with avatars as opposed to their peers.

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